VISIT YAM during the April School Holidays!!

YAM is OPEN every day*, including Mondays, during the Autumn School Holidays. (*Except for ANZAC Day)

School & Group Visits

Discover a world of illuminating knowledge, arts, heritage, and community creativity. Offering educational and engaging experiences for visitors of all ages, our tours will take you on a journey through our exhibitions and permanent museum display, providing insight into the art, social history, and science on display.

School Visits

Primary and secondary school students can connect with contemporary art and history ideas through an exciting program of activities and online resources.

Our educational tours for K-12 school groups, homeschooling and distance education groups, are led by our Education Programs Facilitator. These tours are designed to encourage active learning and provide engaging experiences for all participants.

Discover more about our educational programs, resources, and initiatives to inspire your students.

Prior booking is essential.

Group and Individual Tours

Pre-booked guided exhibition and public art tours are available for groups of various sizes and ages. Our tours take you on a journey through changing exhibitions and the permanent museum display, bringing you up close and personal with artworks, objects, ideas and local stories.

Visitors can also explore a selection of original artworks, gifts, books and boutique accessories created by local artists and designers in the YAM Shop.

Our team is dedicated to providing an enriching and personalised experience, and tours can be customised to meet the specific needs and interests of your group.

Prior booking is essential.