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Kirsty Lee | Between the Horizon and Here

Tuesday 16 Jul Sunday 18 Aug, 2024

In Kirsty Lee’s moving image and installation, Between the Horizon and Here, the artist explores how place, and the concept of home exists in our personal and collective memories.

A still image taken from an artist film. It depicts a female, floating on her back just above the sand. There is an inset image of two tall metal towers.
Kirsty Lee, From the Horizon to Here, 2024, moving image. Image courtesy of the artist.
Kirsty Lee | Between the Horizon and Here
16 Jul – 18 Aug 2024
Free entry

The artist positions the body in space with impulse-led movement, stretching time across physical and digital space. The work responds to chance, object, landscape, architecture, and experience, offering a rich visual and sonic experience.