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Peggy’s Live Tufting Demonstrations

Sunday 15 Oct at 11:00 am 12:00 pm
See first-hand how Peggy creates her work at these playful and inspiring demonstrations.
Peggy’s Live Tufting Demonstrations
15 Oct 2023
11:00 am–12:00 pm
The Workshop

Peggy Zephyr’s exhibition, Please Walk on the Grass, is a colour-filled world, with vibrant artworks full of conversation, play, creativity, and imagination.

Plan your visit to this fantastical world when Peggy is demonstrating her contemporary textile work and tufting at YAM.

Be captivated by Peggy’s creative process and learn firsthand how she creates her signature work.  

This is a fun event suitable for people of all ages.

What is tufting?

Tufting is defined as the act of a needle punching through a backing material in the form of a loop. Depending on loop heights, these loops can add texture, dimension, and, if cut, the “cut pile” can add a velvet like appearance to the tufted area.

Tufting is used to create a variety of textile products, including carpets, rugs, and upholstery fabrics. Historically, tufting was a technique use to make warm garments and other practical pieces.

Today, tufting is used more widely to create textile art forms and other decorative pieces.

A tufting gun is a tool which is now more commonly used to automate the tufting process.

Peggy with her tufting gun