Sneak Peek at Signature Public Artwork for Yarrila Place

Emma Coulter in her art studio with samples in order to colour match and select glass colours

City of Coffs Harbour caught up with Emma Coulter after her recent workshop visit in Brisbane to oversee the development of her artwork “Let them feel the light.”

Let them feel the light is a multi-coloured site-specific sculpture of coloured glass and aluminium that will extend across the large, three-story wall in the centre of Yarrila Place’s atrium.

“After so much planning and resolving many complex technical issues, it was fantastic to see the sculpture’s geometry and physical form in real life scale at the recent mid-point inspection,” Coulter said.

“It was especially exciting to see the colour samples which are glossy, highly chromatic and very reflective.”

Coulter describes how the inspiration for the Coffs Harbour artwork is the idea of light refracting on the surface of the water and dispersing into colour: “Coffs Harbour’s subtropical, surf coast location and historical lighthouse are each interpretive elements. The planned work will form a lantern at the heart of Yarrila Place, creating coloured patterns and shadows.”

Let them feel the light is being fabricated in Brisbane by Stainless Aesthetics. Coulter started working on concepts for the sculpture back in November 2021, after being shortlisted for the concept design. Having won the commission for the signature artwork early in 2022, over several months Emma continued to develop the design in detail through three-dimensional modelling programs, which were then translated into technical drawings by the fabricator. During this time a lot of coordination was going on between multidisciplinary teams, including structural modelling, and coordination with other services.

The technical drawings were also used to laser cut the metal work, and cut templates for the glazing.

The next stage is for the metalwork to be painted in the paint factory, using automotive factory grade finishes. The coloured glass, and lighting will then be installed, ready for the final inspection.

Let them feel the light will be installed before construction is completed for Yarrila Place in mid-2023.