STILL 2023 Winner Announced

Alana Hunt is the winner of the $30,000 acquisitive STILL: National Still Life Award 2023 with the work “… and fled swiftly (i and ii) 2022”.

The win was announced on Saturday night at the STILL 2023 opening event at Yarrila Arts and Museum, which will host the exhibition until 3 December.

“This award means one more year of the economic puzzle of how to be an artist is solved. It will allow me to keep working. To keep thinking. And to keep making. And for that my sincere gratitude.” said Alana Hunt.

Alana, who is currently in Darwin and was unable to make the opening also said “It’s wonderful to be in a cohort of so many other artists sharing our work in a regional place.  I look forward to seeing the other works in the show very, very soon.”

STILL 2023 guest judge Max Delany, the CEO and the Artistic Director of Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, said the winning artwork, a photographic print, “is at once banal in its everyday-ness, and remarkable, and slowly arresting, in its attention to detail.”

“The analogue 35mm film and black and white treatment speaks to the historical record, whilst its lo-fi, informal production values and informal framing speaks to the casual, cavalier nature of the mining camp and its culture of extraction, detritus and abandonment,” he said.

“It was a rewarding albeit challenging process to determine the award recipients in what was a great field, and I would like to acknowledge and congratulate all of the artists, and all of the team at Yarrila Arts and Museum (YAM) for the outstanding achievement of this latest edition of STILL which is a fitting exhibition for the inauguration of the splendid new museum and gallery building.”

Mr Delany awarded Grace Dlabik’s Hasu 2023 and Miranda Hine‘s Crime scene still life (Midsomer Murders s14e5) the $1000 Highly Commended Awards.

STILL 2023 attracted 1143 entries from across Australia, the largest field in the award’s history.

“The judge has said that the calibre of entries was extraordinary, exploring and pushing the boundaries of the still life genre,” said Ian Fitzgibbon, the City’s acting Director City Planning and Communities.

“And it was great to see five of the finalists came from our local region, that’s a great indication of the depth of talent within our own communities.”

Visitors to the exhibition can vote for their favourite work as part of the $3000 People’s Choice award which will be announced on 28 November.

Image of STILL 2023 Artwork by Alana Hunt titled ...and fled swiftly (i and ii), 2022
STILL 2023 Winning artwork by Alana Hunt, …and fled swiftly (i and ii), 2022, 35mm film / archival digital print, 800 x 530mm (each)
Highly Commended Award artwork by Grace Dlabik titled Hasu,
Highly Commended Award artwork by Grace Dlabik, Hasu, 2023, Intuitively formed stoneware clay, Toru Uta fired with banana skins and palm leaves alongside documented process video, 300 x 290 x 290mm.
Image of Highly Commended award artwork by Miranda Hine titled Crime scene still life (Midsomer Murders s14e5), 2023,
Miranda Hine, Crime scene still life (Midsomer Murders s14e5), 2023, Oil on Board (diptych), 325 x 480mm.