A key feature of Yarrila Place, the Gumbaynggirr Art Trail throughout Yarrila Place. The trail showcases a collection of six exquisite artworks, created by Gumbaynggirr artists, representing each of the six clan groups on Gumbaynggirr country – Bagawa, Garby, Garlambirla, Yurrunga, Ngambaga and Gambalamam.

This immersive experience invites visitors to embark on a cultural journey through Gumbaynggirr Country while guiding them through Yarrila Place, from its ground floor to the rooftop terrace.

Detail: Josie Rose Flanders, Garlambirla Wajaarr, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly, Nunguu mirlarl, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Nunguu mirlarl

The Artwork represents Pickett Hill, the Nunguu (Kangaroo) Mirlarl (Special Place) and it is a sacred place for men. It represents the land, water, wind and our Ancestors Storytelling.

Reece Flanders

Reece Flanders, River connections, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

River connections

My Artwork is called River connections, it is a representation of how our Country is all connected by rivers. Represented in this painting is the Nymboida River along with elements of wildlife and the people that would have lived and relied on this resource for our way of life.

Lilly Clegg

Lilly Clegg, Nguraalami yanaa Come home, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Nguraalami yanaa Come home

This artwork tells the story about healing through the revival of Ceremonial Practice, it depicts the Spirits of our Ancestors, reaching out over countless generations, holding out their hands for us to join them in ceremony.

Denise Buchanan

Denise Buchanan, Ngambaa Baga Baga Dreaming Creation, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Ngambaa Baga Baga Dreaming Creation

My artwork tells the story of the Baga Baga (knee) that was imprinted into the land of the Nyambaga Bindarray Nyirrna, the beautiful Nambucca river of Gumbaynggirr land.

Josie Rose Flanders

Josie Rose Flanders, Garlambirla Wajaarr, Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Garlambirla Wajaarr

This story is about the cultural significance of Garlambirla and the waterways that are brimming with unique ecosystems, nurturing rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. The design uses bold and colourful symbolism to honour the Yirrala Trail and the importance of caring for saltwater and freshwater wajaarr.

Ruben Brown

Ruben Browne, Gumbaynggirr yuludarla (Gumbaynggirr dreaming), (Dorrigo — from ocean — to), Acrylic on board, 1000mm x 2000mm.

Gumbaynggirr yuludarla (Gumbaynggirr dreaming) (Dorrigo — from ocean — to)

This artwork depicts representations of specific sites and locations across country. From Dandarrga (Dorrigo), Baalijin (Bellinger/Bellingen), Gumgali (Sealy Lookout, Korora, Diggers), Wirriiga — Bulagan (Two Sisters of Solitary Islands and Look At Me Now Headland) and Giidayn Mirrlarl (Mutton Bird Island/ Moon Man Guardian).

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly talks about her connection to her family, ancestors, elders and country. She explains that this connection, as well as her experiences growing up, was the inspiration for her artwork Nunguu mirlarl.

Lilly Clegg

Lilly Clegg talks about how nature and connection to country inprires her art practice and tells us what her artwork Nguraalami yanaa Come home represents.