Yaamanga Around here

Yaamanga around here is a permanent exhibition exploring the history and identity of the Coffs Coast through themes of place, community and belonging, with Gumbaynggirr culture at its heart.


How do time, space, speed and distance shape our perceptions of a place; and how does an identity derived from being the ‘halfway point on the highway’ change when the highway is no longer there?

Never Neverland

Never Neverland presents works by Karlee Rawkins in collaboration with her son Raj, exploring the perceptions, expectations and profound joy that being the mother of a son with a disability has brought.

Ok! Motherhood

Explore the connection between the mundane and the extraordinary by delving into the themes of parenthood and the transformative power of change through artist Richilde Flavell’s captivating ceramic works.

Sea Monsters

Come and explore the fascinating world of Earth's ancient oceans, where some of the largest, fiercest and most successful predators ruled the depths.