Yaamanga Around here

Yaamanga around here is a permanent exhibition exploring the history and identity of the Coffs Coast through themes of place, community and belonging, with Gumbaynggirr culture at its heart.

Ok! Motherhood

Explore the connection between the mundane and the extraordinary by delving into the themes of parenthood and the transformative power of change through artist Richilde Flavell’s captivating ceramic works.

Sea Monsters

Come and explore the fascinating world of Earth's ancient oceans, where some of the largest, fiercest and most successful predators ruled the depths.

Inner & Outer Worlds

Jeremy Sheehan and Jo Elliott’s collaborative exhibition, Inner & Outer Worlds, explores how nature works in cycles, rebalancing and finding order.


Deadpan humour and unflinching honesty are hallmarks of Ellie Ryan and Raffi Butler’s work, with artworks exploring the juxtaposition between playfulness and pain.

The Lowbrow Art of Aidan Jarvis

Experience the raw and unapologetic energy of lowbrow artist Aidan Jarvis. His work is sure to make you smile as the mundane and every day is transformed into something absurd and wonderful.

Saltwater Freshwater Arts 2023

A celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture from the Mid North Coast, showcasing contemporary art and cultural artefacts from the Worimi, Biripi, Dunghutti and Gumbaynggirr nations that make up the Saltwater Freshwater region.

Red Mangrove Grey Mangrove

Witness the beauty and complexity of Angela Tay's Red Mangrove Grey Mangrove and be transported to the stunning mangrove forests of the Coffs Coast and Southeast Asia.